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83-year-old Alzheimer's Patient Meets A Robot

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Keyword:Feature, Social Issue, Medicine, Technology, Robot, Old, Alzheimer, Disease, Welfare
Creation Date:2016/11/17
Credit:Chen Ronghui/The Paper/VCG
 83-year-old Alzheimer's Patient Meets A Robot
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HANGZHOU, CHINA - OCTOBER 28: Mild Alzheimer's patient Zhao touches service robot "A Tie" at the nursing home on October 28, 2016 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province of China. 83-year-old mild Alzheimer's patient Zhao Qiuying met a service robot "A Tie" half a year ago at the nursing home in Hangzhou Social Welfare. Guided by the nursing worker, one robot "A Tie" was in charge of four old people in a room. "A Tie" could talk, dance, play music and remind workers to prepare medicine for the old. Some of the old liked to interact with "A Tie", while others didn't or couldn't. (Photo by Chen Ronghui/The Paper/VCG)***_***